REBELS: Game Jam 48 hour project

Santiago fuentes terminalscreen
Santiago fuentes transimission concepts v002

Final Concept art.

Santiago fuentes rebels gameart

Game Art

Santiago fuentes backgrountubes ejemplo

Background Art

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CREDITS by Aldo Santivañez

A game we developed as part of the Global Game Jam in it's Peruvian Edition. I did the backgrounds an props along with a group of fantastic professionals who truly know the way to make games. Very happy (an tired) at the end. Would repeat the experience.

REBELS is a puzzle game set inside an electronic brain where two rogue neurons are trying to fight the system's own obliterating code, in order to prevent it's user from forgetting his most important memory: a little girl.

Available for download at

Phillip Chu Joy - Game Design
Erich García Tafur - Game Design
Hitoshi Kanno - Programming
Diego - Programming
Aldo Santivañez - Game art
Camila Reyes - Game art/ Animation
Santiago Fuentes - Game Art/Concept Art
José Varon - Music & FX
Isabella Calmet - Music & FX