Nubian AT-245 Assault tank (In progress)

Santiago fuentes img 7624

It all started while having breakfast and wondering, "Is there any vehicle missing in Star Wars?"

Santiago fuentes nubian tank moodboard

MoodBoard followed, searching for that balance of real and sci-fi, I love the N-1, and it's beautiful spitfire belly. Made by the talented guys at the Nubian Design Collective, or in real life Doug Chiang and friends.

Santiago fuentes nubian tank base models

Base model in blender proved to be complicated but good enough to overpaint for now.

Santiago fuentes nubian tank concept low

The nubian tanks stopped by a local star wars contest with this illustration. UPDATE MARCH 7: It got 2nd place!

Here's the still on going process of my Nubian Assault Tank, designed around the world of the Star Wars prequels, which are not getting much respect lately, or ever. I love the vehicles of this unfortunate trilogy. Also presented to a local star wars design contest, finally someone did it. Feedback is more than welcome.